Indoor Fine Pitch Mobile Digital Signage

Welcome to the future of advertising with the V-Poster! Our revolutionary mobile LED display is here to empower you with unparalleled creative freedom while maximising your return on investment. Say goodbye to the constraints of fixed location assets and embrace the limitless possibilities of dynamic advertising.

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Key Features

  • Ultra Durable - GOB
  • Lightweight - 35kg
  • Energy Efficient
  • Scalable - join multiple devices
  • Three Mounting Methods
  • Cloud CMS
  • Pixel Pitches - P1.8 & P2.5
  • Integrated Speakers
  • Plug & Play

Maximise ROI with mobile digital signage

Set your digital advertising free! Don't tie your investment down with fixed location assets. The V-Poster offers the perfect digital signage solution for dynamic spaces. Embrace sustainability while effortlessly adapting to ever-changing environments.

Three Mounting Methods

  • Mobile

  • Wall

  • Hanging

Integrated Speakers

Integrated speakers make the V-Poster perfect for wayfinding or information points at museums, showrooms, or retail points of sale.

Cloud CMS

With a cloud based CMS the V-Poster is a true all-in-one solution, allowing for seamless playback and fast content rollouts across multiple locations.

3rd party CMS systems also supported.

Plug & Play

The V-Poster is preconfigured and ready to work right out of the box. Easily roll out mutiple displays and have them up and running in minutes!

NOW available with COB

Up to 30% energy saving vs SMD models

  • Improved Energy Efficiency

  • Improved Contrast

  • Improved Colour Performance



Experience lightning-fast and effortless servicing with the V-Poster. Simply swap modules and access internal components in a matter of seconds, ensuring minimal downtime. Unlike LCD technology, LED modules can be swapped by a single person saving you time and labour.


Weighing in at only 35kg the V-Poster couldn't be easier to handle or relocate.


The V-Poster, equipped with infrared technology, offers up to 16 touch points, perfect for interactive wayfinding, information, or point-of-sale experiences. Its touch capability and engaging interface make it the go-to solution for interactivity, bringing a whole new level of immersion.*

*Touch function is an additional option


Multi Device Connectivity

Seamlessly display and update content on-the-fly with HDMI, Rj45, and WiFi options. Effortlessly execute mass content roll outs across multiple locations. Simplify content management and make a lasting impact. V-Poster revolutionises the way you connect, communicate, and captivate your audience. Experience the future of dynamic advertising today.


GOB Module Technology

Innovative Glue-On-Board modules for unrivalled resilience. Experience a display that's impervious to impact and moisture, while providing wider viewing angles. Safeguarding your pixels, it grants you complete peace of mind, even when the V-Poster is left unattended in heavy footfall areas, like retail spaces, exhibitions, or reception areas.

Mobile Digital Signage - Use Cases

The V-Poster is the ultimate mobile signage solution

Wayfinding Display

The V-Poster, a fully mobile wayfinding display solution, is equipped with built-in speakers and designed for optimal flexibility in providing directions or advice.

Ideal for exhibition halls, museums, and public attractions, this mobile wayfinding display can be swiftly relocated or redeployed to meet changing needs, enhancing visitor experiences across various scenarios.

Mobile Digital Signage

The V-Poster is an innovative mobile digital signage solution, featuring a built-in CMS and exceptional mobility for dynamic advertising. Perfectly suited for environments like corporate lobbies, waiting areas, or retail outlets, it offers the versatility to quickly adapt, update content and relocate, ensuring effective communication and engagement in various settings.

Point Of Sale Display

The V-Poster is a cutting-edge point of sale display system, designed with a built-in CMS that simplifies content updates across multiple locations. Manage content roll-outs with ease, remotely, ensuring you always stay on top of your product messaging.


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