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Indoor Fine Pitch LED Display - 16:9 Aspect Ratio

Where brilliance meets innovation. Immerse in vibrant colors and flawless pixels. Designed for high-end installs, GENESIS captivates hearts and minds. A masterpiece of luxury, precision, and limitless possibilities. Elevate your spaces with the GENESIS LED display.

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Key Features

  • Pixels - SMD, Flip-Chip, Flip-Chip (High Bright)
  • GOB (optional upgrade)
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • DCI-P3 Colour Profile
  • Up To 30% Energy Saving
  • 1080p, 4K UHD, 8K & Custom Resolutions

Three Pixel Technologies

Customise your LED display to suit any indoor environment


SMD (surface mount diode) pixel technology is the perfect choice for indoor areas with low to medium ambient light. With up to 1200 NITS output you have plenty of scope for flexibility.

Use case examples: Boardrooms, reception areas, retail and much more.

  • Up to 1200 nits brightness

  • sRGB colour gamut

  • GOB upgrade

  • Cost effective

What is SMD (surface mount diode)?

Flip Chip

Superior energy efficiency, DCI-P3 vibrant imagery, outstanding brightness. Flip Chip allows for more creative product placement capable of competeing with higher ambient light due to its increased 2000 NIT output.

Use case examples: atriums, reception areas, shopping malls, retail, immersive spaces and more.

  • Up to 2000 nits

  • Up to 40% energy saving

  • DCI-P3 colour gamut

  • Up to 2X brighter than SMD

  • Superior heat dissipation

What is Flip Chip?

Flip Chip (H-B)

If 2000 nits doesn’t hit the spot, maybe 4000 nits will. Flip Chip (High-Bright) is designed for exterior facing windows or applications with high ambient light, or drasticly changing ambinet liftht level. Oour high bright technology is designed to light up any indoor space.

Use case examples: shop windows, glass atriums, bright reception or spaces with direct sunlight.

  • Up to 4000 nits

  • Up to 40% energy saving

  • DCI-P3 colour gamut

  • Up to 4x brighter than SMD

  • Superior heat dissipation

DCI-P3 Colour Performance

When considering displays, especially for professional applications such as video editing, color grading, cinema or studios, DCI-P3 is a crucial consideration. Here's why it's important: DCI-P3 allows displays to reproduce a wider range of colors, including those that fall outside the traditional sRGB or Rec. 709 color spaces. This expanded gamut enables more accurate color representation, ensuring that the content appears as intended by the creators.

Cabinet Dimensions

With a 16:9 aspect ratio and lightweight design, the GENESIS cabinet can be easily mounted directly onto the wall for a fast and efficient installation experience.

Fixed Resolutions & Custom Sizes

The GENESIS can achieve familiar resolutions like 1080p, 4k UHD, 8K or custom resolutions, shapes and sizes.

Pixel Pitch Options P1.2, P1.5, P1.8, P2.5

FHD - 1080p

4k UHD

Shine Bright In High Ambient Light

Flip Chip (High-Bright) technology enables high-resolution displays that shine brightly, even in spaces that previously relied on outdoor LEDs, indoors. Designed to captivate, GENESIS Flip Chip allows you to illuminate any indoor space with remarkable fidelity, even in the presence of high ambient light.

GOB (glue-on-board)

Improved Durability, Reliability, Uniformity

Upgrade your GENESIS to glue-on-board (GOB) LED modules for peace of mind in high-traffic areas. With improved durability, your display can withstand impact, reducing the risk of pixel damage. Elevate your visual impact without compromising on reliability. Upgrade to GENESIS for worry-free performance in any indoor environment!

What is GOB (glue on board)?


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